RIEDL lift car

Whether stainless steel, wood, glass or many other materials, we combine your choice of finish into lift cabins.

Each car is designed as a CAD 3D-model according to the RIEDL standard. This guarantees high precision during the manufacturing and easy and quick installation

Order your cabin in standard dimensions or tailor-made in single mm increments. The RIEDL Kabine offers the highest degree of flexibility, making it ideal for modernisation.


  • High stability due to 1.5mm material thickness and well dimensioned stiffeners
  • Easy installation due to RIEDL-clamping system.
  • A special bending design guarantees total opacity in all joints.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Wide variety of different materials
  • good looking

A cabin to your taste:

Whether steel, stainless stell, wood, glass or marble, we combine your choice of materials into lift cabins in which everything fits perfectly.

Our credo is custom manufacture. The expertise of our crew allows us to produce especially economically without inflexible production lines. Very few suppliers can do this like we can.

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